How to Trap Videos

Basic Trapping 101 - Quick Guides

How to Open a Trap

The following video demonstrates how to open a trap and put it into the set position.  Is the same process for any size trap that has a dog (latch). 


How to Set a Wild Dog Trap - Flat Set 

How to set a wild dog flat set using a WTS #3 foothold trap.


Invasive Animal CRC Videos

The Australian Government has put together a good set of videos to help educate people on trapping techniques (mainly for wild dogs although there is some fox trapping in there).  Here are a few of these videos they produced.  The are all available through YouTube. There a few different trappers each putting forward their own techniques.  You will notice they are not all the same.  There is a lot of good information to help you get you started in these clips. 

Wild Dog Flat Sets

Tony Townsend - Setting A Flat Set (Part 1)

Tony Townsend - Setting A Flat Set (Part 2)


 Tony Townsend - Setting A Flat Set (Part 3)



Wild Dog Blind Sets

Lee Allen - Blind Sets



Trap Preparation and Cleaning

 Ed Carroll - Trap Cleaning - Dying and Waxing



Trap Types, Lures, & Equipment

Tony Townsend - Trap Types, Lures & Equipment