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Swift 3C - Wide Angle

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The Swift 3C - Wide Angle. 100 degree field of view. Extremely fast reaction times of 0.35 sec. Black flash infra-red. Bright night time videos and photos. Increased sensitivity.

The Swift 3C - Wide Angle.  

Same as the Swift 3C standard angle except for the wider angle (100 degree field of view). 

Brand New 2016 model.  We have been very impressed by this camera.  They have a lot going for them.  They have a 0.35 second reaction time, 56 infra-red black flash LEDs, minimum blur setting, HD video, and high sensitivity.  In all you get a lot more images or videos of your target animals and you can see them more clearly.  These are deservedly our most popular camera unit. What really made us sit up and look is when we set these up next to other camera models.  We saw on the Swifts how much amimal movement the other cameras were missing.  We were getting more than twice the number of animals on these compared with some other cameras.  This is due to both the speed and sensitivity of this camera.

The 0.35 seconds reaction time makes a huge difference on trails or paths where you are trying to pick up animal movement.  With the wide angle model they also detect the animals movement from a wider angle so are they are faster again than the standard angle Swift 3C model.  However they are made to be used for objects less than 5 metres away from the camera.  The wide angle lens makes objects appear further away than what they really are.  For anything further than 5 metres I would recommend using the standard angle model.

Image and Video Quality

The following clip has been taken with a standard angle Swift 3C not this wide angle model.  Please keep in mind the wide angle makes objects appear further away than they are and we do not recommend using them for anything past 5 metres.  

In the following clip you can see how well the Swift 3C illuminates at a distance at night.  The feral pigs are up to 20m away but are still clearly visible. This is due to the Swift's 56 IR LEDs.  Makes a huge difference in comparison to models of the past and still out of just an 8 battery camera. 

Make sure you adjust the quality icon in the bottom right of the screen frame to see this clip in its full HD quality. 

Standard Angle and Wide Angle Models Comparison

As previously mentioned you can also get a standard angle model of this camera which has a 50 degree field of view.  This is better for footage beyond 5 metres.  For anything closer than 5 metres the wide angle model would be better.  The two images below give you can idea of the difference between the 2 models. 

Standard Angle - 50 degree field of view.


Wide Angle  - 100 degree field of view


More Information
  • 0.35 second trigger speed
  • 12MP/1080P@30fps
  • 56 piece invisible infra-red flash - 15m night time vision distance
  • Time lapse function
  • Minimum blur night time function - clearer night shots
  • Duty time setting
  • Records audio with video
  • Date/time stamp on all images
  • 100 degree field of view
  • 2 year warranty
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