Victor Soft Catch #3

Victor Soft Catch #3

Collarum - Fox model

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Fox model.  Commonly used by local governments in situations where domestic animals may be captured inadvertantly.

In US testing 70% of coyotes show no significant injury under international standards. Safe to use in urban settings and around livestock. Reusable cable (also comes with a spare cable). Set off by a pulling action by the fox. Instructional booklet also provided. This Relaxalock model is designed for live capture.

The Fox Collarum model has arms which are 2cm shorter than the dog model to acommodate the smaller size of the fox and utilizes a 9" loop for animals up to 10kg or with a smaller head; the cable diameter used for the fox model is 5/32" with an appropriately sized Shurlock.  Also requires less space for setting versus the dog model. 


Each kit includes:

  • CollarumĀ® Thrower
  • Live capture cable with in-line shock spring and swivel
  • Bait bite pieces
  • Extra clips
  • A "how to" DVD depicting setting, bedding, location, and helpful tips
  • Assembly Instructions and Field Guide

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