Reconyx HC500

Reconyx HC500

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The Reconyx HC500. An outdoor camera with incredible trigger speed, consecutive image speed, and battery life.

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Reconyx HC500 HyperFire™ Semi-Covert IR

Reconyx cameras are known for their incredibly fast trigger speed and excellent battery life that no other camera can beat. Their motion sensors are also the best in the business.  In addition the cameras are capable of time lapse which can run for months and months on a set of batteries.  Used widely for both wildlife and security purposes.  Because of their speed they will catch more of the action.

Lo-Glow™ Semi-Covert Infrared Emitters provide a nighttime flash range of up to 15 metres.

The Reconyx HC500 HyperFire camera gives you the option of running either 6 or 12 AA size batteries, enabling the camera to run continuously up to one year. HyperFire™ cameras utilize Secure Digital (SD® or SDHC®) Memory Cards (up to 32 GB) to capture full 1080P High Definition images at speeds as fast as 2 frames per second. You will notice increased image quality day and night with our exclusive Ultra HD IR™ camera lens, providing images that are sharper and clearer than ever before.

RECONYX™ HyperFire™ Scouting Cameras, See What You’ve Been Missing…

Made in the USA

Night image from the HC500.  You can see from the tree 15 metres back that the camera has very good night illumination.

HC500 night dog

Thanks to Maureen for the images. 

Reconyx cameras don't record video but they do take fast and clear images.  

HC500 dog gif

Daytime image from the HC500.



Additional Information


Reconyx HC500 HyperFire™ Semi-Covert IR

RECONYX™ HyperFire™ Scouting Cameras, See What You’ve Been Missing…

Size 14.5 cm H, 14cm W, 7.6cm D
Trigger Speed 1/5th Second
RapidFire™ Near-Video Speed Up to 2 frames per second
Image Resolution 1080P High Definition / 3.1 Mega-pixel
Image Detail Colour Day / Monochrome Night
Image Data Time, Date, Temperature and Moon Phase
Infrared Illumination Lo-Glow™ Semi-Covert IR
Infrared Flash Range Up to 50 Feet
Time Lapse 1, 5, 15, 30, or 60 min intervals, and AM and PM hours
Battery Life Up to 40,000 images
Battery Quantity / Size 6 or 12 AA
Battery Requirements Alkaline, NiMH Rechargeable or 1.5volt Lithium
Memory Card Type Secure Digital (SD® or SDHC®)
Memory Card Capacity Up to 32GB (4GB = approx. 10,000 images)
Operating Temperature Range -28°C to 48°C
Theft Deterrence CodeLoc™ Pass-Code Protection
Software BuckView™ Advanced
Warranty 1 Year from date of purchase

All specifications are approximate.

Made in the USA


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