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Australian Govt - Centre for Invasive Species Solutions

Fox trapping

Wild Dog trapping

Feral Cat trapping

Rabbit trapping


Beware of Hydatids if trapping dogs and foxes

Anyone trapping wild dogs/dingoes and foxes should be aware of the potential of hydatid infection. It is a very real threat with serious health consequences that can be easily avoided. This NSW Agriculture site is the best I have found on the topic.


Other Sites

The Feral Flyer

The regular (usually weekly) e-newsletter of the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre.



Trapping Contractors

Tony Townsend Wild Dog Control

Professional dog trapper and howler working throughout Queensland. Over 20 years in wild dog control.

Phone: 0409 364 256


PAMQ Pest Animal Management Queensland

Pest Animal Management Queensland was established in September 2001 to provide Qld land managers with humane and effective solutions to pest and feral animal problems.

Glen Alchin    Mobile: 0411 822 800


Wild Pest Management – Paul Billsborough

General Pest Management
Feral Pest Management (Fox, Dog, Cat)
Bird Control and Removal
Possum Removal

Email:    Phone: 0407157710



Bill Crisp

Professional Wild Dog Caller and Trapper.  Very good trapper that gets results through an in depth understanding of wild dog ecology.

Email:    Phone:0416 081 591


Guardian Animals

Guard Animals for Livestock Protection

47 page pdf document about the existing and potential use of guardian animals in Australia. Animals such as Alpacas, Llamas, andMaremma dogs.

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