How to Use Wild Dog and Dingo Traps to Keep Your Land in Victoria Safe from Unwanted Wildlife

Victoria is a beautiful state, and it’s home to some of Australia’s most lush and exciting properties. However, it can also be home to some of Australia’s more invasive animals, and sometimes these animals can disturb the sanctity of your living arrangements. Wild dogs and dingoes pose problems for many farmers and animal controllers across Victoria. They can destroy livestock, frighten inhabitants, and even become a safety risk if left unchecked. To deal with these problems, many people turn to the use of wild dog and dingo traps on their Victoria properties.

Before you purchase traps for your property though, it’s important that you understand the law. State law in Victoria mandates the use of rubber jaws on all traps and contains different specifications on the traps that can be used for individual animals. When catching wild dogs, some traps may require the addition of a shock spring or swivel, so that the animals can be captured without hurting them unnecessarily. Be sure to research the traps you’ll need before buying them or purchase your traps from a company that can provide you with guidance and helps you select legal tools.

How to Seek Out a Quality Source for Dingo and Dog Traps in Victoria

How can you find a company you can trust to sell you compliant and applicable animal catching equipment? The first quality you should seek out is experience. Well-established trapping businesses understand the legal requirements of their customers. Their knowledge is what makes them valuable and trustworthy resources. When you approach a supplier who has spent many years providing traps to different customers throughout Australia, you can be sure that they will know exactly what tools the law will permit you to use.

How the Products at Western Trapping Supplies Keep You Safe with Humane Touches

One such seller is Western Trapping Supplies. Our work has made us one of Australia’s go-to sources for dingo and wild dog traps, and many Victoria residents order our products to keep their properties safe from these invaders. We also sell traps to catch rabbits, feral cats, and foxes. Many of our clients are farmers or work in animal control, who rely on our products. Although our physical store is in Toowoomba, our convenient web store and expedient ordering options make it easy to order our products online and receive them quickly.

Keep your Victoria property safe from the problems that wild dogs cause and purchase traps you can trust from Western Trapping Supplies. We’ll help you find products that are legally permitted in Victoria, and which can catch dogs without cruelty. To learn more, reach out to us at your earliest opportunity and speak with a representative who can advise you. We’ll be happy to tell you more about how you can effectively keep wildlife at bay while respecting life and obeying the law.