Purchase dingo, dog, and wild dog traps in New South Wales

In many areas of the country such as New South Wales or South Australia the wild dog problem has become serious. A wild dog is defined as a pure dingo, a dingo/dog mix or once-domesticated dog that is now wild. They are a distinct problem for sheep farmers as wild dogs can decimate a flock. Some farms are estimated to lose thousands of dollars annually to these animals. Many farmers believe that because of the growing number of dogs and their competition for food they could also become a problem for humans.

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The best in wild dog traps in New South Wales

Reports have shown that wild dogs cost the Australian economy around $50 million annually. These costs include the loss of livestock, funds spent on necessary disease control and the money spent to control this problem every year. Wild dog traps are most useful in rural areas such as farmland, forestry or national parks. Government sources advise that the best lure to use with traps is a mixture of dog faeces and urine, and the best locations to place the traps are what are known as “activity areas” like wateringpoints and property road intersections. When trapping it's also essential to do a daily trap check first thing in the morning.

The use of dingo traps in New South Wales is one of the most recommended ways to deal with the problem of wild dogs. There are no permits required to set traps, but if possible, it’s always smart to educate yourself with books and DVD's or if possible work with an experienced trapper to learn more about trapping techniques. Padded or rubber jaw traps are required by law in NSW to minimize injury to the trapped animal. These traps provide a humane way to deal with the wild dog problem.

Quality feral animal control equipment

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