Curtail the Worsening Dingo and Dog Problem with Wild Dog Traps

Wild dogs are harming livestock in many parts of Australia, especially in Southern Australia's farms where the problem has exacerbated since 2016. When the government put the brakes on the funding for trappers, the number of wild dogs increased significantly, and until new government measures are taken to minimise the harm to livestock, many farmers will have to deal with the situation by themselves. It seems that even the 3,000-mile fence can't keep wild dogs and dingoes away, and attempts to reduce numbers by other means have also failed.

Fortunately, you can protect farms, rural areas and national parks from animals that put the lives of native wildlife and livestock in danger by purchasing dingo and wild dog traps. Modern traps are designed to be humane and keep the wild dog or dingo in place rather than give a fatal blow, and they can help farmers and park owners protect their land and the animals that have a safe habitat within the grounds. If you want to purchase wild dog or dingo traps from a supplier and manufacturer that fully understands the industry, we're here to assist.

At Western Trapping Supplies, we have all the resources and required equipment to keep the dingo and wild dog problem under control, and we only stock products from manufacturers that have our seal of approval. We keep safety and efficiency in mind when sourcing products, and we have our home brand WTS products for those that want effective traps quickly and at an affordable price. If you need a way to deal with your wild dog and dingo problem, we're the company to call, and thanks to having nearly 15 years of experience, we're in the perfect position to answer any questions you may have.

Buy a Dog Trap That Works

Farmers have a responsibility to keep their livestock safe for the sake of their profits, the well-being of the animals and the economy, which is why many people are calling for the government to provide funding for trappers in areas such as Southern Australia's farmlands. It seems that previous policies didn't do enough to eliminate the threat of wild dogs and dingoes, and unfortunately, attacks aren't just limited to livestock.

There have been plenty of reports concerning dog attacks on humans, and because wild dogs and dingoes are currently multiplying in numbers exponentially, we clearly have a problem that needs dealing with sooner rather than later. It's also worth noting that wild dogs can often survive in harsher conditions than the native dingo, and as cross-breeding increases, so does the risk of losing the pure dingo breed forever. Now is the time to act to keep our ecosystems in check and protect our livestock and native animal species safe from introduced pests, and you can do your part to tackle the problem by purchasing dingo and wild dog traps.

Let Us Find the Perfect Solution for You

At Western Trapping Supplies, we hope that new measures are put in place on a government level to tackle the growing wild dog and dingo problem, but until then, you can rely on our traps to keep your land secure. Contact us today to ask one of our friendly professionals to help locate the right wild dog traps for your particular situation.