Feral Cat, Fox, or Rabbit Traps in Queensland

When your job is to help people eliminate feral pests, you want humane equipment that works, and works well. Western Trapping Supplies understands the unique challenges you face in controlling wild animals and their effect on local livestock and wildlife. Our only goal is to help you do your job, with the highest quality at the lowest cost. You want to work with a supplier of feral cat traps in Queensland who can offer you durable traps and supplies at a good price. We deliver Australia wide and abide by area rules and regulations regarding which style of trap can be used.

Our Fox Traps for Queensland Use

Landholders know that foxes and livestock don’t mix. They’re especially dangerous to new-born lambs, and trapping is an effective way to keep them in check. Foxes in Australia are known as an invasive species, as they are not native to Australia. They were introduced in the 1800s for recreational hunting, but have since made themselves right at home and spread throughout the country. They are just behind wild dogs as the largest carnivorous animal in Australia.

The most common fox species is the European Red Fox, and while they are mostly meat-eating scavengers, they are also “opportunistic” feeders and will eat a wide variety of foods, including birds, insects, grain, and fruit. This makes them especially difficult to deal with from a farming perspective. Humane trapping that minimises injury is an effective form of population control and the only choice when other methods are undesirable. At Western Trapping Supplies, our line of fox traps for Queensland residents includes a soft catch, rubber jaw, and head collar styles. Each has its own specs for use, and which one you pick may be affected by the area you are laying it in. We also carry an extensive selection of trapping resources to help you be as effective as possible, including books and DVDs with invaluable information.

Quality and Durability

For professionals, a product is only as good as its quality and durability. You need products you can use repeatedly, that can handle all kinds of weather and even the strongest of animals. Our traps use thicker plates and pieces are usually welded as well as riveted to limit bowing or warping. We make sure to carry humanely rated traps, to ensure that your job is done with as little impact to the animal as possible. Whether you need feral cat traps or rabbit traps for your Queensland farm or animal control business, we’re here to give you the best selection and price. We have a full line of lures and motion cameras as well, to ensure that you get a good look at what your intended target is and to help you choose just the right trap for the situation. Most items on our site include a video showing how they work, explaining the features so you can make the best decision.

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