Find Cat, Fox, and Rabbit Traps for New South Wales

If you run a farm in New South Wales, you are more than aware of the problem of feral animals killing, harming, or infecting your livestock. High on this list are red foxes, originally imported for recreational hunting, they have been an enemy of farmers for over 100 years due to them spreading disease and killing sheep and poultry.

Feral cats, pose a massive danger to ournatural environment. Government sources show they are responsible for the extinction of some two-dozen species of ground dwelling birds and also some smaller animal species. Meanwhile, rabbits, one the most troublesome invasive species, eat their way through roughly $1150 million in crops every year.

Farmers need a way to control these feral animals, and one of the most highly recommended methods is with traps. Public opinion, however, has shifted towards a more humane way to control this problem. Fortunately for farmers and government officials who need to confront this issue, there is an answer. Western Trapping Supplies has a broad range of tools available for these individuals, including humane traps. When you want the best feral cat traps in New South Wales or traps for foxes or rabbits, contact us.

When you need rabbit traps in New South Wales

Feral European rabbits have been a problem for a long time. They destroy vegetation, compete with native wildlife for limited resources (especially during a drought or natural event such as a fire) and damage the land. They are responsible for the decline of many of Australia’s native plants and animals and one of the best methods of control is with rabbit traps in New South Wales.

Red foxes have had a major impact on Australia’s native wildlife and are responsible for the significant decline in their numbers. They are also known to attack young lambs. Again, one significant way to control them is with fox traps in New South Wales.

Meanwhile, feral cats are animals that originally started out as domestic pets but through abandonment or neglect by their original owners now live in the wild. Much bigger now than their domesticated cousins they are responsible for the death of 75 million native animals every day and according to government reports have wiped out 28 different species of native animals. They are also known to carry many infectious diseases that can affect humans.


Best Trapping Supplies

We’ve been supplying feral animal control equipment since 2004, and we’re happy to say that most of our clients are returning customers who appreciate our customer service and quality products. Whether you are a farmer, a member of a local or state government department or a professional pest controller we have the traps you need. We carry soft catch traps, rubber jaw traps, and other humane traps. We also have quality cage traps if needed. We have a wide variety of humane cat and rabbit traps, as well as our line of Fox traps that are among the best in the industry.

You can visit our store in Toowoomba or purchase supplies through our website as we ship traps to anywhere in Australia. When you need the very best trapping supplies to deal with your feral cat, rabbit, or fox problem, we can help.