Images from Giru Fuel Theft

Read the newspaper article regarding the capture of these criminals by Qld Police using the SG550V8 cameras here.

Example Images From the Scoutguard SG550V8

Vehicle travelling along road at about 30km/hr. - license plate can be read when zoomed in.

We have had to blur out the license plate details in this image.

Click to see high resolution version of this vehicle at 20+metres from camera. 2.47mb

The Scout Guard in use at night!


Click to see the high resolution version of this wild dog at night image . 1.31mb

Their wildlife monitoring ability is exceptional. Recently these cameras were chosen by an Australian state government over the many that were trialled to capture images of foxes that had invaded the state. They found they worked better than other brands of cameras worth more than double the price.



Here is what people are saying about the Scoutguard 550V8 cameras.

Poachers were coming into our property to shoot feral pigs, roos, and goats.  They were cutting fences and leaving gates open which was allowing stock into parts of the property they weren't supposed to be.  This resulted in a lot of extra work and frustration for us.  I contacted Outdoor Cameras Australia and they suggested the ScoutGuardSG550V8 outdoor security camera to us.  This little security camera has been excellent.  Within a month of us putting them out we captured several vehicle licence plates as well as faces of the poachers on our property.  We passed the images onto the police which resulted in 3 offenders being successfully prosecuted and another one is currently going to court.  We found Outdoor Cameras Australia gave us outstanding service and thank them for their assistance.  Word has got around in the area here and we no longer have the problems we had.

Blue Boothe
Wyandra, Qld

I have now had a SG550V8 security camera for a year on my farm property and from the images received from it have been able to have police arrest 4 persons for stealing and destroying my property and assets.  The visions that I have received were excellent and after 12 months of use I have now replaced the batteries for the first time.

Brian Sambell
Gawler, SA

We operate an earthmoving and quarrying business in northern nsw, with machinery including excavators, bulldozers, tippers, graders, loaders etc. After having 500 litres of diesel stolen out of one of these machines, we installed a motion camera. We have found the camera to be a huge success. We were able to have clear identification of some unauthorised intruders on to our work site. The length of the battery life is unbelieveable. We would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting added security on their work sites.

Peter & Kevin MaslenMallanganee NSW

Hi, after thieves stole $5000 worth of tools and deep cycle batteries from the back of my ute, which has a canopy,  I purchased the ScoutGuard SG550V8 outdoor camera.  The second night I had it, it recorded another break-in attempt, with photos stamped with the time of the event.  The pics were displayed around the mine site, and the 2 employees responsible for the crime are no longer working there. Call me anytime during the day for confirmation of this testimonial.

Side note: The 2 men have since been successfully prosecuted in court using these images.  Over a period of time there were several vehicle break-ins in the car park of this site but it is now quiet.

Stephen Murray

We were very impressed with the quality of our Scoutguard Sg550V8 cameras and the service we received from Outdoor Cameras Australia.  We found the cameras image clarity was as good as you get.  We are able to zoom in on vehicle licence plates that are coming to our front gate and read them easily.  We are also impressed with how much the cameras pick up, they are better than systems worth thousands.  The service was perfect, and we got our cameras the next day.

Joel Ashcroft
Morningside, Qld

Just wanted you to know how impressed I am with the HCO Scoutguard motion activated camera’s we got from you. I have used and bought other similar types but different brand cameras recently so I'm in a good position to make a comparison. The advantages of the Scoutguard camera and dealing with your company are:
  • I waited a month for the other brand and two days for your Scoutguards after ordering;
  • Scoutguard is half the size, its more solid, more rugged and camouflaged;
  • for the same price you provide all the security equipment which is also camouflaged; and
  • battery life is at 80 days+ compared to 30.
Thanks again.

Dave, Central Queensland
Pest Management Officer

We have found these cameras very useful here at Waverley near Scone NSW. We first purchased these units to keep an eye on our fuel bowsers and workshop area. Recently we started using them to spy on the dingos and wild dogs in our area. We have had great success in identifying dog movement which gave us the ability to successfully trap 7 dogs. The Scoutguard infrared camera is a very useful and easy to operate bit of gear. We now run 6 SG550V cameras on our property.

Tony Lettice

Thank you Outdoor Cameras Australia for such a great product. I am amazed at how clear the images are. They can easily read licence plates of the vehicles that come to our gates and I have been able to identify the night time activity that occurs there. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. It is quite rare these days.

Cheryl Erkelens
Batchelor, NT

I’ve been using different types of IR Hunting cameras now for over 10 years dealing in both Wildlife related works and Feral animal Management. I’ve used other well known brand Hunting Cams and have personally seen the Scoutguard over the last 2 years outshine these other cameras in many ways where they suffered with wiring problems to moisture problems, hard to program and at time cantankerous. Scoutguard are easy to operate half the price excellent picture speed and quality and a lot smaller for those discreet locations. I run with 12 and am very happy with their product.

Michael Dickinson
Australian Wildlife & Feral Management

We were having fences cut in preparation for people to "borrow" our stock. Once reported the police needed evidence. We purchased a camera from Outdoor Cameras Australia and within a month we had photos of the vandal. Police were then able to take action. We have never seen this person since. I now tell people to get an Outdoor Camera you can't go wrong. For very little outlay you can get a camera that can save you thousands.

Glen Dorman
Southbrook, Qld

The camera is fantastic. I had some trouble at first using the remote to view photos on site but the photos are great. We have even used it for videoing and have been happy with the result. For the price, it’s an excellent little camera. Thanks.

Sally Joyce
Warwick, Qld

Click here to read a short article from Dr Adrienne Grant (Sydney University, NSW) on her experiences with camera trapping wildlife with the Scoutguard SG550V. Contains a few still images taken from videos she has captured.