Keep Your Property Safe with Feral Cat, Fox, and Rabbit Traps in Australia

There are many enjoyable aspects of living in Australia, but some of them can also be challenging under specific circumstances. Take wildlife, for instance. Australia is teeming with living creatures, but sometimes it’s best if those …read more.

Find Cat, Fox, and Rabbit Traps for New South Wales

If you run a farm in New South Wales, you are more than aware of the problem of feral animals killing, harming, or infecting your livestock. Feral cats, for instance, do not only pose a danger to farmers but the environment as well …read more.

Buy Quality Feral Cat, Fox, Rabbit Traps Online

Australia has a serious problem with feral animals wreaking havoc on domesticated livestock and among native wildlife. Most are invasive species and have few natural enemies which means that they also have high breeding rates …read more.

Feral Cat, Fox, or Rabbit Traps in Queensland

When your job is to help people eliminate feral pests, you want humane equipment that works, and works well. Western Trapping Supplies understands the unique challenges you face in controlling wild animals and their effect on local …read more.

Eliminate Your Pest Problem with Cat, Fox and Rabbit Traps in Victoria

Nobody wants to interfere with an animal's well-being unless necessary, but farmers among other agricultural labourers, know that pests can have devastating effects if neglected. Some farms become infiltrated with foxes and wild dogs that …read more.

Want to Protect Your Property from Wildlife? Find Feral Cat, Fox, and Rabbit Traps

Caring for animals is important, but so is keeping your property safe and well-maintained. In some parts of the country, these two goals can sometimes feel at odds with each other. You might love animals, but that doesn’t mean you can just …read more.

Dingo and Wild Dog Traps in Australia: Where to Buy

Dingoes and wild dogs are common in Australia and can pose a real threat to livestock as well as natural species. Wild dogs are a “restricted invasive species,” and a management plan is essential for landowners. For pest control workers …read more.

Purchase dingo, dog, and wild dog traps in New South Wales

In areas of the country such as New South Wales or South Australia the wild dog problem has become serious. A wild dog is defined as a pure dingo, a dingo/dog mix or once-domesticated dog that is now wild. They are a distinct problem for sheep …read more.

How to Find Dingo, Dog, and Wild Dog Traps Online

Wild dogs have become one of New South Wales’ most severe feral animal problems. Wild dogs are considered to come in three different varieties: a native dingo, a dingo/dog mixture, and domestic dogs that have been loose in the wild …read more.

Using Dingo or Wild Dog Traps in Queensland Can Keep Unwanted Animals from Damaging Your Property

No matter in which rural area of Queensland you live, there are certain things you should do to keep your property safe. You’ve probably thought about protecting your home from the elements or securing it against the possibility of a break-in …read more.

How to Use Wild Dog and Dingo Traps to Keep Your Land in Victoria Safe from Unwanted Wildlife

Victoria is a beautiful state, and it’s home to some of Australia’s most lush and exciting properties. However, it can also be home to some of Australia’s more invasive animals, and sometimes these animals can disturb the sanctity of your …read more.

Curtail the Worsening Dingo and Dog Problem with Wild Dog Traps

Wild dogs are harming livestock in many parts of Australia, especially in Southern Australia's farms where the problem has exacerbated since 2016. When the government put the brakes on the funding for trappers, the number of wild dogs …read more.